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Fit For Travel

            Staying fit while traveling can be a challenge.  But keep the following tips in mind and you will see that it's actually not the difficult task you may be imagining.  You don't have to take a break from fitness just because you're taking a break from home.

            1) Pack resistance bands.  Your hotel or resort may not be equipped with a gym.  Push-ups are effective for a chest workout and can be done most anywhere.

Weight Loss Reduces Knee Pain

Got knee pain?  Before you start reaching for that bottle of ibuprofen every day, consider this.  Your knees bear most of the weight of your body.  For every pound of body weight you gain, you add three pounds of pressure through your knee joints.  So when I find that a patient’s knee pain is due to the development of osteoarthritis – the gradual “wear and tear” of the joint – the first issue I address is not medication options, but weight management.

It’s been found that body weight strongly correlates with joint pain.

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE! - Day 30

The last few days have been a whirlwind!  I arrived in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday evening to compete in the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bikini Championships.  It's been an incredible experience.  As a veteran competitor, I've prepared for a competition many, many times.  But this time, I was so eager to show off the physique I had trained to achieve using my very own SeXercise workout program.  And, yes, I brought along my SeXercise DVD to squeeze in those last few workouts in my hotel room before stepping on stage.

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE! - Day 21

This time next week, I'll be in Columbus, Ohio, in my hotel room getting ready to compete at the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bikini Championships!
As a preparation show before the big contest day, I decided to enter the Flex Bikini Model Search in Santa Monica, California, last weekend on February 19, 2011 (Day 16 of my Arnold training).  Competing in a show 2 weeks out from a goal contest date is a good way to do some fine tuning...seeing what physique areas I need to focus on, getting feedback from judges, and refining my presentation style.

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE! - Day 13

Had a great workout today!  So what made it so great?  I did my SeXercise DVD workout as I have been doing 5 times per week for the past 2 weeks.  But this time, my mother joined me!  It was so wonderful being able to share the workout with my MOM!  I was so proud to be able to show her what I had worked so hard to create.
My mother is 69 years old and has problems with osteoarthritis in her knees, neck, and low back.  But because of the modifications that I provided on the workout DVD, she was still able to do the exercises.

Training for the Arnold with SeXercise! - Day 8

Woke up early this morning for a trip up from Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes today.  Felt a bit fatigued from the car ride, but still managed to get in my SeXercise workout today.  The workout is definitely more intense at 8000 feet of elevation here in Mammoth.  I certainly felt the difference of training at altitude.
I also did a weight check this morning and I weighed in at 122.8 pounds.  Very excited to have lost a little over 3 pounds in just 1 week.  Feeling GREAT about my diet and SeXercise training program.

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE - Day 5

February 8, 2011
Busy day at work today!  Even though I didn't get home until late, I STILL got my SeXercise workout in this evening.  The workout only takes about 45 minutes and I find that because of the varied intensity of the intervals, it seems to move along fairly quickly.  Great thing about a DVD workout that I can do at home -- my workout clothes don't have to match, hee hee!  (For some reason, I couldn't find color-coordinated shirt and shorts tonight.  Do laundry.

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE! - Day 4

Well, I survived the feasting frenzy that surrounded me on Super Bowl Sunday with my diet & training program still intact.  I actually hosted a western-themed party (in honor of Cowboys Stadium being the Super Bowl venue), so I prepared dishes such as franks & beans, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, BBQ beef brisket, and baked mac & cheese.  Because I always offer my guests healthy options as well, I also prepared a turkey chili (using no oil or cheese) and apple cobbler (made with Splenda, low fat soy milk, and brown rice flour).

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE! - Day 1

4 more weeks and I'll be on stage competing at the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Championships in Columbus, Ohio!  While I love to compete in the Fitness division, injury has not allowed me to resume my gymnastics training quite yet.  So once more, I'll be entering the Bikini division, hoping to come out in my best shape ever!
As I fine-tuned my diet and workouts in these final weeks, I was contemplating how I might change up my usual program.  After competing in fitness and physique contests for 14 years, I've learned that it's a good idea to challenge your body with a different regimen from time to time.

My New Workout DVD -- SeXercise!

I'm so excited to announce that my new workout DVD will debut at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo tomorrow, January 29th!  It's called SeXercise.  Here's more info about it from the back cover of the DVD:
"SeXercise is the first in a series of workouts that educates on and physically trains you for the art of lovemaking.  Venus Ramos, M.D., is a physician and an elite personal trainer who has developed an aerobic high-intensity interval workout to functionally train your body to perform 10 sexual positions.
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