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Arnold Sports Festival

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE! - Day 30

The last few days have been a whirlwind!  I arrived in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday evening to compete in the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bikini Championships.  It's been an incredible experience.  As a veteran competitor, I've prepared for a competition many, many times.  But this time, I was so eager to show off the physique I had trained to achieve using my very own SeXercise workout program.  And, yes, I brought along my SeXercise DVD to squeeze in those last few workouts in my hotel room before stepping on stage.

Training for the Arnold with SEXERCISE! - Day 21

This time next week, I'll be in Columbus, Ohio, in my hotel room getting ready to compete at the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bikini Championships!
As a preparation show before the big contest day, I decided to enter the Flex Bikini Model Search in Santa Monica, California, last weekend on February 19, 2011 (Day 16 of my Arnold training).  Competing in a show 2 weeks out from a goal contest date is a good way to do some fine tuning...seeing what physique areas I need to focus on, getting feedback from judges, and refining my presentation style.
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